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Gas Cape and Pouch (Gasplane mit Tasche)


Another item related to the Gas mask is the Gas Cape.
The gas cape is nothing more then a protective cape to be worn in the event of a gas attack.
Later in the war, it became obsolete, however, the gas cape was worn until the end of the war.

There are 2 type of gas cape pouches as can be seen on the picture below.

The left ones are the later cloth ones, while the ones on the right are the early ruberized pouches.
Both types however, were produced throughout the war.


Below the front and back side of the gas cap pouch (Gasplanentasche)

The dimensions of the pouch are aprox. 17 cm. x 22 cm.


Below,  the opened pouch, and the gascape taken out of the pouch.
The cape is of impregnated paper, and is aprox. 2 metres  x 1 metre 20 cm.
Because the impregnated paper is very brittle it isn't unfolded.


The typical PRYM buttons

The label, indicating 1943




The inside stamp of a rubberized Gascape pouch.

Makers mark aqd which stands for:

Radium - Gummiwerke, Köln-Dellbrück

The date indicates 1941


Method of wearing the gascape:

The gascape pouch has two loops at the backside, where the gasmask shoulder strap was put through. 

The official way for the gascape pouch to be worn was on the chest, as can be seen on the 1/6 Dragon model shown below left.
This, however, proved to be impratical and a lot of soldiers strapped the gascape pouch to the gas mask canister 
(as can be seen below on the right). This method was strictly prohibited, because the effect of being able to 
get the cape out of the pouch quickly, was nullified, but often practiced.


In an order from march 1940 it was dictated that the sling of the gas mask canister had to be put through
the upper loop of the pouch twice to prevent sliding as can be seen below.

This, however, was still not satisfactory for the soldiers in the field.

Finaly an order of december 1942 prescribed the gascape to be worn as can be seen below

The sling was first put through the loop on the canister, then through the loops on the gas cape pouch and finaly secured 
to the bottom loop together with the belt hook strap. This prevented the pouch from sliding.

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