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German Uniforms and Equipment

Shelter Quarter Equipment (Zeltbahn Ausrüstung)


Every soldier was provided with the following tent equipment: 

1 Tent rope 92 (Zeltleine 92)
1 Tent pole 01 (Zeltstock 01)
2 Tent stakes 29 (Zeltpflöcke 29)

These accessories were sometimes carried in a tent accessories pouch (Zeltzubehörtasche)





Tent rope 92 (Zeltleine 92)





The tent rope is a 2 metres long rope, made of hemp.

The rope is aprox 4 mm thick and has a loop of aprox. 4 cm at both ends.


Tent pole 01 (Zeltstock 01)

The wooden tent pole has a length of 37 cm.
It is reinforced with blued steel on both ends.

To use it for a tent, the poles could be fitted into eachother.
A total of 4 poles is needed to make a pole of aprox 1,35 metres.





Tent pin 29 (Zeltpflock 29)

The tent pin has a length of 26 cm and is made of aluminium (early ones) or light weight steel (mid war).

Measured with the hemp rope loop it has a total length of 37 cm









On the left the maker mark and date of the Aluminium pin is shown

FEF 37






Left, the maker mark and date is shown.

C & C.W. 42


Below a wooden and steel variation of the tent pin is shown.
The total length is 26 cm.







On the left a side view of the tent pin


Below the Pressed wood version of the tent pin






Left: This example shows the date 40

On the other side the maker mark can be found, but on this example was no longer readable


Tent accessories pouch (Zeltzubehörtasche)

Sometimes the tent accessories were carried in a pouch, but often the tent pole and pins
were rolled into the shelter quarter.

Below an example of a tent accessories pouch with the typical 3-holed buttons





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